EDMSofa Interview: Will Collins

2017 has already seen the introduction of some incredible aspiring talents in Electronic Dance Music. 19 year-old producer Will Collins has been working ruthlessly to establish himself in the industry. At a young age Will became intrigued with music, by age 10 he started writing and making his own songs. It was at this point Will realized his potential, knowing that a life of music was his destiny. Driven by his undying passion, he is self-taught guitar player, and has since added singing, piano, and beat-making to his repertoire. While the sky is the limit, Will is fully dedicated to fulfilling his potential as an artist.  This week, we had the chance to talk music with Will following release of his debut single Big Picture !

Where did the inspiration for making Big Picture come from?

As a 19 year-old, I am faced with many choices on where to go with my life, career, and so many other things. I was inspired thinking about the obstacles that each of us need to overcome in order to turn our dreams into reality. There is so much beauty in that struggle.

Your new single evokes a lot of emotion. What was your songwriting process with Big Picture?

To me, a good song is one that makes you feel something. For Big Picture, I sat down in my studio late one night this winter, picked up my acoustic guitar and found these chords that seemed to put me in a trance the longer I played them. Once I had the basic chords, the lyrics started flowing and the song was completely written within 20 minutes. I liked the simplicity of my voice and guitar alone, but I felt as though it needed more of a climax, so I began producing a beat for it and layering on other dimensions to round it out.

You are a Singer, Guitarist, DJ/Producer. Why did you choose to make Big Picture an electronic song as opposed to an acoustic song?

I could have taken this song in many directions, but I felt the electronic genre accomplished what I wanted by taking the listener on a journey. My goal was to have the climax of the song overwhelm the listener with inspiration. I used lots of textures and soundscapes to create a vibe that isn’t possible with just a guitar and my voice.  

Who are the biggest inspirations on your music?

I love all forms of music, but the first electronic music I fell in love with was definitely Zed’s Dead. I’m also a big fan of Prince, Jack Johnson, James Blake, Jai Paul, and Hucci…definitely Hucci.

Do you have any more music in the works at the moment?

Yes. I’m creating an EP that doesn’t necessarily follow the rules of EDM or pop music. The songs on it will fall into many categories, but all of them will make you dance. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

Be sure to follow Will Collins on Twitter and check out Big Picture !



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