Freak Fineman’s “Freak Somebody” Remix Pack Drops Everywhere

It’s time we put the spotlight on one of America’s most diverse,hardworking, and innovative producers today ,Freak Fineman. This man is no stranger to the game. Over the past decade, he’s been working ruthlessly to perfect his craft and establish himself the scene. While working with various music production groups, Freak contributed his talents to create tracks for a large catalog of legendary artists including Micheal Jackson, Prince, Jay Z, Kanye West, and many others.

Freak’s drive and courage to explore new styles lead to the spawn of his debut artist release “Freak Somebody” featuring hip hop legend Fatman Scoop. With catchy lyrics and an electrifying melody “Freak Somebody” has been getting really positive reception from music critics and listeners alike! This inspired Chicago based S&S Records to bring together an all-star roster of global producers to create a remix pack for the track, releasing on March 7th, 2017. The lineup features remixes from Steve Silk” Hurley, Rubb Sound System, Mirelle Noveron, Jump SmokersOliver Twizt, ValNtino, Stanny Abram, Sean Smith, DJ Threejay, Matteo Candura, Gettoblaster & ZXX !

Although all of these works are top notch, we decided to narrow it down and countdown our top three favorite remixes from the pack:

 3. Freak Somebody (Rub Sound System Remix)

Kicking things off is, in our opinion, one of the more crisp sounding remixes on the pack, provided by Rub Sound System.  The upbeat drum arrangement brings the track to life, setting a old school house vibe. After the breakdown, the drum line is revived combining with clean synth chords giving the track a really cool atmosphere!

2. Freak Somebody (Matteo Candura Remix)

Next on our list, Italian producer Matteo Candura comes in strong with his twist on the song. With vibrant piano chords and crisp drums the overall composition transforms “Freak Somebody” into an instant house classic that is sure to rip it up on dance floors worldwide, leaving this remix hard to top!

1. Freak Somebody (ValNtino Remix )

Rounding things off and our personal favorite and one of the more energetic remixes, ValNTino brings the heat with his take on the track. Starting off with a bouncey melody, the track builds up to climax with a groovy, hard-hitting drop that is sure to be a powerful tool in DJ sets.

Be sure to check out “Freak Somebody” Remix Pack, available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Beatport, Traxsource, Shazam, Amazon, Deezer,Tidal, & Spotify!


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