EDMSofa Interview: Fahjah

Over the past few years, up and coming producer Fahjah has been working vigorously to establish himself as an artist. From heavy hitting Electro House to beautiful Melodic Trap Fahjah‘s diverse taste in music, ruthless work ethic, and incredible production skills have helped propel his passion for music to new heights!  His catalog of work features a wide array of original tracks and remixes to popular artists such as Coldplay, Ariana Grande, and Kaskade. These works,among others, have helped him to accumulate tens of thousands of plays across all of his tracks! This week, we had the chance to talk with Fahjah and discuss his career in music to this point:

How did you come up with name Fahjah?

It was just a random nickname my brothers gave me to me as a kid. Came from Gold Member of course. My parents, friends, friends’ parents would all call me that to when it came time to come up with a name it only made sense.

Your new remix of Before Their Eyes’  ‘Bulletproof’ has been getting really positive feedback! How was it collaborating again with Mees Van Den Berg and what does this track mean to you?

It was great! He’s an awesome vocalist, never disappoints. This track for me meant trying something new. In the past I’ve been making mostly just progressive house and some trance. This track was the start of a ton of tracks I’m currently working on or have in the bank that are a lot different than what I typically make. 

Who are the biggest inspirations on your music?

For me it changes over time but for the most part I’d say Above & Beyond and Grey. I love everything Above & Beyond puts out, their whole brand, everything they do is just amazing. I could listen to their Tri-State album on repeat all day. 
Grey makes super unique and really cool music. I used to take lessons with one of the members earlier in my producing. He really helped shape what my music is now, where I’m trying to take it, and just overall pushed me really hard to try and be unique. We both had fairly different tastes in music, I think it’s important to have somebody teach you who sees things from a very different perspective. 

You have such a diverse style of music across all of your releases; how do you decide what direction you are going for in a certain track?

I never really consciously make the decision. Just whatever feels right. Probably depends on my mood, what I’ve been listening to recently and if I’m doing a remix, I’ll do what I think would be worth having as a different take on the track. 

Do you have any new tracks in the works that you can talk about?

I have a whole ton of music in the works or in the bank. One track I’m nearly done that I’m very excited about is a collaboration with an amazing singer from Toronto, Charlotte Command of Command Sisters. I’m trying a new take on the progressive style that I love so much. I think people are going to love it!

What do you feel has been the coolest moment in your career to this point?

That’s tough, I feel like there’s still so much to do that I haven’t really thought about things that have happened. I’d maybe say having MAKJ play the Gold Skies remix I made with Skene on his radio show or getting 90k plays on my When You Were Young Remix. 

What software do you use to produce music?

I use FL Studio 12. My favourite VST would have to be between Omnisphere, Diva, and Nexus. All good for different purposes. Favourite plugin as ridiculous as it may or may not sound, Camelcrusher. I use it a ton. Valhalla room is also a good one. 

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

I have a top 5 list, it’s hard to choose one over the other. Above & Beyond, BT, Marilyn Manson, Hans Zimmer, Zhu. There’s a lot of people that would be cool to work with though. 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

The ability to fly, too many places I’d like to go.

Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

Thank you! I promise you won’t be disappointed with what I’ve been working on!

What do you have planned for the rest of 2017?

Tons of new music, tracks from all over the spectrum of electronic music, a lot more originals, and maybe even a couple special releases!

Be sure to keep up with Fahjah by following him on Twitter!

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