EDMSofa Interview: LUZCID

For our first artist interview of the New Year, we wanted to bring forth a next level talent. We feel privileged to be able to interview one of the most innovative Dubstep Producers today, LUZCID. Over the past few years, the New York local has been working ruthlessly to establish himself in the scene, accumulating a following of over 57,000 supporters on Soundcloud. After releasing his debut EP ‘Levitiate‘ on Pantheon Recordings last year,  LUZCID promises to continue pushing his momentum into 2017. His catalog of work features a wide arsenal of original productions and remixes that are sure to fuel and captivate listeners all around the globe! His astounding passion for music and exceptional production skills have helped him spawn two successful collaborations with Dubstep Legend, Bassnectar! This week, we had the chance to chat with LUZCID about his beginnings, music, his career to this point, and what he has in store for the future!

 How did you come up with the name LUZCID?

At the time I was at a weird crossroads and had just quit my career job. I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and began to escape the issue by lucid dreaming. I would sleep for 14 to 16 hours some days. I had loved music and always dreamed of making it a career but it seemed like a crazy long shot. With no great alternative and a need to fufill my passion I was not going to give up without at least trying. I moved to NY and began to play shows and produce music full time. At first I was really roughing it. I had maybe $100 to my name and was paying my buddy I think 100 a month to sleep on his couch. Eventually I earned enough money to split a room and then got my own room in a house. The name LUZCID seemed a very fitting alias as it was a positive escape from the prison dreaming was starting to become.

Your newest release ‘The Maze‘ has been getting a really great reception! What inspired you to make this track and what does release mean to you?

 I am a huge fan of Science Fiction and epic stories. I have been playing RPG video games and actually learned to read at and early age so I could understand what the characters were saying to each other. My mom used to sit with me and read all the captions till I could read them myself. All that being said I love to show my appreciation for great stories and Westworld is now one of my favorites. I love playing the song in sets and watching people slowly light up one by one as they recognize the melodies. It just another awesome experience I get to share with everyone.

Who are the biggest influences on your music?

If I had to sum up what I like about music in one word it would be “bounce”. I love hip-hop. I love funk. I love being silly but I also love an epic tale. I try to incorporate all of that into the music I write and in the sets I play live. How I see it is a chance to show everyone what I love about the world through sound.

How has it been working with the legend Bassnectar and how has your relationship helped you to grow as an artist?

Working with Bassnectar was huge for my growth in so many ways. He opened my eyes to so many aspects of being a musician and performer. Never before had I really considered the message the music we make can send to people. He took my communication mindset from a local perspective to a global perspective if that makes sense. How can I project something that speaks to everyone in the way that I want? It made me stop to even think, what do I want or how do I want to be perceived. I am most grateful for the experience because of how many amazing people it has brought into my life.

What software do you use to produce your tracks ?

I produce using Ableton and most of my sound design is in Serum. My go to plug ins for processing right now are anything in the UAD family. Recently I got my hands on an Apollo Quad and have been really enjoying the noticeable quality. 

Do you have new tracks that you can talk about?

I actually just released my collab with Ives titled “My Mind is the Machine” on ShadowTrix Music label. Its a 90 bpm high tempo banger that drops into halftime and then half of the half time so I guess quarter time haha? We just had some fun and kept it weird :).

What do you feel has been the coolest moment in your music career to this point?

I have really enjoyed touring for the first time this past year. Being on the road and getting to see new places and meet new people is enriching but it is even better when you have friends with you. I had one tour earlier this year with Shlump , Tsuruda and Cosmal. All amazing people. It was very influential on my music getting to see how Shlump and Tsuruda approached production. The west coast beat culture was something new to me but it was everything I loved about music. Now I am finishing / kinda still on tour with Jantsen (just going to keep running dates together cause its working haha). Jantsen has always been a huge influence on my music since he first hit the scene almost a decade ago. The opportunity to work and tour with him is truly a blessing.

Which track do you feel has been most influential on your career to this point?

I would have to say Science Fiction. It is the track the brought a lot of attention to the LUZCID project and kind of kicked off my out of state touring. I also learned a ton from the experience and it has helped shape my direction as a developing artist. 

If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be?

I would really love to collaborate with Gjones or Eprom. G jones is an absolute beat magician and Eprom’s sound design is otherworldly. I’d love to get in the lab with either one and making something really wonky.

What is the best advice you can give to upcoming producers/artists who are trying to get noticed in the scene?

Connect with like minded individuals. Form a squad. This scene has become insanely competitive and everyone I know who has succeeded has done so because they have an extraordinary team / network. Another thing do not get caught up in the networking / numbers games. The number one thing that matters is that you make quality unique music. If you are making something truly next level it will quickly get passed to the right people. Everyone knows someone who knows someone and eventually that will get your music into the right hands. 

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

I would love to teleport. I love to be other places but not so much traveling to them though haha. I always wished as a kid I could do Goku’s instant transmission. I guess I still do.

What do you have planned for 2017?

So far I have a tour for Spring but cannot yet announce with whom. Some really wild tour ideas for Fall including LOTS of sounds and hopefully a new visual performance. Also a boat load of releases. Some collabs some remixes and a few EPs coming in spring and summer. I wish I could give more details but there are a few more things to plan before we can give final dates. Just know 2017 there will be a big one for the LUZCID project 🙂

Do you have anything you want to say to your fans/supporters?

To all the Dreamers out there thank you all so much for the support this year. This was my first year playing out of state shows and I think we hit almost 40 cities this year. It was so fulfilling to see a consistent fan base forming. You are all beautiful, wacky ,weird and amazing. All artists in one way or another. Not all of the shows were hundreds of people. A lot were more intimate experiences but the energy level was always through the roof. I’ve seen 50 people bring more energy to a room then 500. Those experiences really mean the world to me so again thank you!


Be sure to keep up with LUZCID by following him on Twitter!


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