Tropix Remixes “Listen To Your Heart”

“Listen To Your Heart” is arguably one of the most recognized songs over the past three decades.  Originating from the 1988 single by Swedish pop duo Roxette, the track turned into a worldwide club hit after being remixed by Belgian duo DHT in the early 2000s. It was only a matter of time until this track was beautifully re-visioned into a powerful anthem that is suited for the modern day dance music era. Long Islands own DJ Duo, Tropix decided to take on that task.

The melody begins as chilling chords emerge along side the iconic vocal line. A Trap inspired atmosphere surfaces, building the track up to climax with a drop that showcases Tropix’s signature style .Beautiful synths layer together along side heavy-hitting 808s, creating heart stopping harmonies that are sure to captivate and energize listeners all across the world. The second drop fuses together the vocal line with the synths, putting a brilliant finishing touch on the track to bring this masterpiece together. Tropix have definitely impressed us on this release by taking an iconic track and revamping it into a modern day club anthem!

Be sure to check out their new remix, out now for FREE!

Be sure to keep up with Tropix by following them on Twitter!


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