EDMSofa Interview: Merzo

French producer Merzo has worked his way to become one of the most promising talents of his generation. The 20 year old has been back on track releasing a catalog of new music during the final months of 2016. With energizing melodies and heavy-hitting drops, Merzo‘s signature style of Electro House music has helped him to accumulate a following of nearly 70,000 supporters on Facebook! His original productions have been released on major labels including Armada Music and Dim Mak Recordings! These works and others have helped him to gain the attention and support from superstar producers such as Martin Garrix, Tiesto, and Hardwell! Among his accomplishments, his collaboration ‘BOOM!‘ with Spanish producer Danny Avila was featured on the 2016 Comedy-film ‘Dirty Grandpa‘ starring Robert Di Nero and Zac Efron! With much more in store for the 2017 and beyond, we had the chance to talk with Merzo this week about his career to this point in this exclusive interview:

How is it being about to release music again after a brief absence?

I was really excited to release new music! I really wanted to show to people that I’m still here even if I had some bad times. I hope they understand that music is all my life, it’s more than a passion, and I will never stop it!

Your remix of ‘Going Crazy‘ by Hardwell and Blasterjaxx has been getting really positive feedback! How did you come up with the drop and what does this track mean to you?

So happy to be back with this one! I think most of my fans discovered me from my un-official remixes of Hardwell and Blasterjaxx’s tracks so it was even better to be back with a remix on their collaboration! At first I really wanted to remix this track but no idea came to my head because the rhythm of the track is really fast and catchy! I used a drop from a new track I did and when the drop came over my head I heard “Somehow Is Going Crazy” before the drop!

Many people are familiar with the incident that happened on Facebook over the Summer. What have you learned from this and how has it made you stronger as an person and artist?

Yes, really bad story and ridiculous reaction from my side. I know I made a big mistake to post this and I still regret it. I’m an artist and my Facebook page is not for anything except for posting music. After that I learned that as an artist, you have to be careful what you say because we can get all different reactions on what we say about someone. I think all my fans understand that I was not serious, I always worked for unity with my fans but I think this time it went too far.

Your new track ‘Respeito‘ is very different than most of your work! What inspired you to make this track?

‘Respeito’ has been really special to produce and I loved it. When you have a really bad story(like the Facebook incident), it is really really difficult to produce without thinking about what you did and how people will react to your release. Before I felt really bad about everything, but after producing this track I felt something like “your heart did this track 100%, this is what you wanted to rush out of your bad feeling” and this is why I released it as “Respeito”, it was how I felt at the moment!

What do you feel has been the coolest moment of your career so far?

Without a doubt ADE 2014! I had 4 amazing days where I met Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Kura, Joey Dale, Julian Calor, and other talented guys like them! Also, I saw the most amazing show in my life, the Revealed Party at Heineken Hall!

If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be?

I hope it will happen again, Olly James. This guy has like 10 ideas per day in his head, I really want to pick his brain sometimes!

Out of all of your releases what is your favorite track that you’ve produced?

Definitely Moonstone. When I produce trance music, I get a real concentration and passion to make the breakdowns! It puts me in another world!

Do you have any upcoming tracks that you can talk about?

Actually I’m working with some great producers! They’re not famous but they are really talented and that’s all I look for. In the next few months you will see, but be sure to look out for a D3FAI x Merzo collaboration! This is the only one I can announce for now.

What software do you use to produce?

I’ve used FL Studio since the beginning! For me you get a real space of work, so you are faster on the little things! This is much better to take time on your mixing and mastering. As far as VST Synths I use Sylenth, Nexus, Spire, ANA, Orchestral, and others!

What is the best advice you can give to upcoming producers/artists?

Work hard! This is the key to your career, take your time and just work on your music in the silence. Don’t do like me and don’t comment on everything! Just work on your music and be unique!
 If these producers think that they will never sign to big label because they aren’t looking for little artists, thats not true at all! I introduced some artists to labels and they said no at first, but they still worked really hard to improve and 6 months later they got signed on Revealed and Armada. Learn from this!

 If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

 To have peace in the world, and make everybody in the world happy! I think you need to work from yourself to make the biggest satisfaction of your life.
I think meeting your idol is one of the biggest motivations you can have in your life and it can help you to work harder to chase your dream! This is a moment that you will never forget, I hope everybody in the world can one day meet their idol!

 What do you have in store for 2017?

I had planned to release an album this Summer and I hope to release it in 2017! This album contains 12 tracks in some different styles. I really want to release something very catchy to impress my fans and get Team Merzo even bigger than before !

 Do you have a message for your fans?

  I’m here guys don’t worry! Thank you guys for interviewing me!


Be sure to keep up with Merzo by following him on Twitter and be on the look out for some new Merzo music coming soon!


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