During 2016, we’ve documented the rise of some incredible talent emerging throughout the dance music industry. House artist Artek has worked vigorously to establish himself as an aspiring talent in the scene.The New York producer recently celebrated his 22nd birthday with the highly anticipated release of his debut EP, ‘INSIDIOUS‘, signed to Independent Record Label Hard Nation!

The four song EP features an arsenal of heavy hitting tracks that are ready to fuel and energize audiences across the globe. Along with two brand new original Artek productions the EP also features two new collaborations with aspiring producers HVRDWOOD & Uzagi!

Artek focuses ‘INSIDIOUS’ on the darker-edgier sound of Electronic Dance Music, Hard House. Over the past few years, Hard House has moved from the underground scene into clubs and has been popularized by artists such  Jayden Parx, Junkie Kid, and Carnage. This moment eventually paved the way for releases like ‘INSIDIOUS‘ as influences from these artists can be heard throughout these hard-hitting tracks. Artek brilliantly fuses together elements from other various genres of dance music including Hard Style, Hip-hop, and even Dutch House music to help him reach the sound he was trying to achieve on this record!

Displaying Artek’s talent, hardwork, and creativity, ‘INSIDIOUS‘ is arguably his best work to date! With a catalog of heavy-hitting tracks ready for festival mainstages worldwide, ‘INSIDIOUS‘ can serve as a powerful tool for DJ sets. Unleashing his true potential, this release is sure to help put Artek‘s name on the map! This week, we had the chance to talk with Artek and discuss the release of his debut EP:

What were your goals for creating ‘INSIDIOUS ” and what does releasing this EP mean to you?

I didn’t really have a goal with creating the EP. I just wanted to make music that was dark and emotional that I enjoy. This EP means the world to me though because I feel I got my most creative expression out of it!

How did you come up with the name Artek?

‘Artek’ kind of just came to me actually. People told me I was always a cool person so it first was Arctic but then I didn’t like it so i tried to make it Arctec but since my actual name is Kris with a K I changed the C to a K and dropped extra C and it became Artek.

What does your track Anarchy mean to you and what was it like working with Uzagi on this festival anthem?

Anarchy was probably one of my tracks I had the most fun on. The track along with the EP means so much to me because I wanted people to lose their mind when they heard it. Uzagi was a great dude to work with who is very talented. He and I first dropped ‘Chaos’ together back when he was Dimension6ix, so when I started making Anarchy it felt like home to have him on it.

What are the biggest influences on your music?

My biggest influences on my music are my friends. Many of my friends are very talented producers who push me to new heights when I am creating.

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be?

My dream collab would have to be one of Porter Robinson, Junkie Kid, or Diplo. I feel like working with any of them on a track could really take my production to a new level with inspiration and the creative vibe they give off.

What can we expect from you in the future?

What you can expect to hear more from me is  Hard House , Hard Trap, Trap, and anything that I enjoy making and listening to!

 Be sure to keep up with Artek by following him on Twitter!


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