Alpha Drops New Progressive Anthem

Making waves in the scene is up and coming producer Alpha. At just 17 years old the Alabama native is working hard to establish himself in the music industry. Fueled by his passion and love for music, he hopes to bring his sound to to audiences worldwide!

With an earlier catalog of releases including “Dystopia” and “Llama Riot” , his work consists of some heavy-hitting tracks! He’s labelled his work as Dark Progressive, which is  a newer genre inspired from artists such as Zack Martino and REGGIO!  Alpha tries to keep his music diverse throughout all of his works.

Carrying his momentum onward into the later half of 2016, Alpha has continued with this style of production on his newest single “Eyes”!

When track breaks down, the stage is set with chilling chords as the vocal fades in.  As the chords progress, the melody begins to unravel setting an electric atmosphere which leaves you anticipating what’s coming next. Snare drums begin to fire away and then, boom! The kick drum jumps as powerful lead and a heart-pounding baseline unite to bring the track to life! Eye’s as a festival anthem that is sure to ignite listeners and audiences around the globe!

Be sure to check out “Eyes”, out now for FREE:


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