EDMSofa Interview: Merk & Kremont

Merk & Kremont need no introduction in the house music scene. Hailing from Italy, the boys have worked vigorously to establish themselves as a top talent in the dance music industry. Their signature groovy basslines and catchy melodies energize and captivate listeners worldwide! Tracks such as Get Get Down and their remix of Clean Bandit‘s Rather Be have been streamed millions of times and are played at festivals all around the globe! These works, among others, have been released on major labels including Spinnin Records, SIZE Recordings, Protocol Records, Revealed Records, and Flamingo Recordings! This week, we had the opportunity to talk music with Merk & Kremont in this exclusive interview:

Your newest single ‘Don’t Need No Money’ has been getting a really good reception worldwide!  How was it working with Steffen Morrison and what does this track mean to you?

Don’t Need No Money has a cool story behind it! It started as track we were working on for R&B singer, Aloe Blacc! It changed directions when we put the acapella version of “My Love Is Free” on the instrumental! We really liked the outcome so we asked Steffen Morrison to sing the topline on the final track!

How was it to play Ultra Music Festival Miami for your first festival in the United States?

A dream come true! Since we started this journey in the music scene, playing at Ultra Music Festival was something we wished for! It was so much fun, we uploaded our set on Soundcloud and it has since got thousands of streams!

How do you feel about club scene in the United States compared to the club scene in Italy?

It is different. We learned a lot from the US scene! You need to play with cuts and fast mixes. In Italy, this style of mixing is now getting popular and has been getting good reaction from all the crowds!

Which track do you feel has been most influential to your careers at this point?

Tundra was the track that changed the game for us! It all started from there and we kept building our career track after track!

How did you both get together to start working on music?

We started DJing in clubs as resident DJ’s before we knew what a sequencer was. Promoters asked us to bring people to the club in order to play otherwise they couldn’t let us have a slot. We decided then to produce our own music and make promoters book us for our music. So that’s how we started to make beats!

What VST Synths do you use?

We use Serum, Spire, and Nexus on our productions!

You have such a diverse sound on all of your music and can go from groovy electro, to beautiful progressive house, and more recently tropical influences. What is your process in deciding what direction you’re going for on a certain track?

We do like to experiment with different sounds and genres. Matter of fact not everyone knows that we also produce singles for other artists. Fun fact: We produced one of the most air-played songs in 2016 in Italy. It’s an EDM song with Bass House influences that just went Double Platinum! We don’t really plan which kind of sound we want to achieve before we start a new project, we rather choose where we want the track to be heard and then decide whats the best style for that record.

If you had to pick one artist to collaborate with who would it be?

If we could collaborate with any artist it would be ZEDD!

We know your ability to consistently finish up original tracks and remixes quickly and your relationship with Spinnin Records. What do you have in store for the rest of 2016?

We signed with Spinnin’ last October and since then we released 4 original mixes and 1 remix! It’s worked out great, we love how they work! We have arranged at least two more releases for the rest of 2016!

 If you could both have one superpower, what would it be?

That would be to know the right sound for the melody or to have the perfect pitch haha!

Do you have a message for your supporters?

Firstly, thank you guys for the interview, it was a pleasure! We want our fans to know we love them and thank them for supporting us on our musical journey!

Be sure to keep up with Merk & Kremont  by following them on Twitter and check out their newest collaboration with SISSA, Heart Of Mine , out now for FREE!


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