GTA & Sam Bruno || Red Lips (BLKD OUT) Remix

Four months ago, duo group, BLKD OUT, released their remix for “Red Lips.” They have released eight originals and three remixes. Even though this group has only been making music together for less than a year, these two have managed to get over a couple thousand followers on SoundCloud and more than eighty thousand plays on, “Red Lips.” For my first review with EDMSofa, I am going to take an in-depth look at this remix.

A Song Revisited

As a track that has been touched in various ways, BLKD OUT does a great job creating an atmosphere that is unique and different from its original counterpart. While most artists flip this with dubstep, trap, or future bass, this remix is given a taste of the 2000’s with a modern approach.

Listening to the Remix of “Red Lips”

As the song begins, listeners can hear a sped up version of the background synthesized vocals from the original with keyboard chords played, which sets the stage for the beat of the mix. Only two seconds in and a faster version of Sam Bruno’s sensational voice is played. After Bruno’s vocals about red lips always lying and having a filthy price, the synthesized keyboard chords transition into a rhythmic bass that creates a driving suspenseful force. Only thirty seconds in and the breakdown begins.

The Breakdown

The breakdown of this track is a mixture of the synthesized keyboard notes, heavier rhythmic bass, an off tempo drum kick, and various percussion instruments. A tensioned sound can be heard, which regresses the music back to the foundation of the track. After thirty more seconds or so, the breakdown begins again.

Slowly and gradually, the song comes to a close now with Bruno’s voice, the rhythmic bass, and drum kicks.

The track ends subtly with her vocals echoed and one last drum kick.

Last Thoughts

Duo group, BLKD OUT, does a sick job of reworking this song to produce an atmosphere and vibe listeners don’t hear often. We are immersed in a world of 2000’s club music, of house music, Nine Inch Nails, Blade, or any other heavy dance party. Not only does this remix give reminiscence to the past, but also does justice to the original by captivating the hypnotic, sensual voice of Sam Bruno and by using minimal aspects of the the original to create a distinct sound.


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